There is a difference between an illusion and magic. An illusion is something that appears to be one thing and ends up being another. Magic is an unexplainable occurrence that sends chills down the spine. The same feeling I got after experiencing a performance from the Delray Beach warlocks of rock, Bruja..... The band's caldron of genres range from Funk to Blues with a spectrum of other influences spicing the mix....The band's chemistry produces a warm, family like vibe. They feed off of one another’s strong points and have a mutual respect for the collective talent the band offers as a unit. ” - Nick Longo VP Marketing Amplified Distribution/ Luthier and Founder of Bummer Guitars

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From crunchy guitar swells, ambient keyboard textures, a dangerously groovy and punchy rhythm section all topped off with anthemic vocal melodies and top-of-the-line production value, “False Prophets” is a stroke of true genius. Bruja comes together nicely to bring a collection of solid grooves to the forefront of each track very effectively, but it’s also a record that showcases each member of the machine and the impact their individual musicianship brings to the table. ” - Justyn Brodsky - NBC Universal Producer

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Listen to Jorge's new single "I Can't Breathe" here

Jorge's new single is called "I Can't Breathe", a very bold Rock song that protests the unjust murder of Black Americans like George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Corey Jones among others. It is a sharp cry and a call to action to stop inequality and systemic racism in North America. While the lyrics have a very clear and political overtone, they are also reminding us that our biggest weapon against the powers that be, is to show them that our love will overcome hate and bigotry.
Listen to it right here today!

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Photo by John Ren. Mural Artist: Unknown

Photo by John Ren. Mural Artist: Unknown

False Prophets


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False Prophets, Bruja's new EP, mixes elements of Rock, Funk, Blues and Reggae to create a synergy of tight and punchy grooves that are guaranteed to get you moving. The lyrics speak of life lessons, personal growth and self discovery.

Recorded and mixed by Mike McCleary at Shade Tree Studios, Boynton Beach, FL. Featuring Chris Cope on Keys.

Jorge "Bruja" Zarruk -Lead Vocal/Guitars

Tommy Rispoli- Bass

Monique Chalk- Back Up Vocals

Chris Cope- Keys

Cory Ricardy - Drums/Percussion

All songs written by Jorge Zarruk except for Check the Groove - by Tommy Rispoli and Coming Down co-written by Jorge Zarruk and Tommy Rispoli.

All rights of the producer and the owner of the recorded work reserved. Unauthorized copying, public performance, broadcasting, hiring, or the rental of this recording, is prohibited. Copyright 2019 Bruja.

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RIP to our good friend and musical Brother Max Dubose. We’ll always remember you with love!

Max Dubose was a beloved and very talented singer-songwriter from the South Florida Music scene. Here he is pictured with his beloved Martin acoustic guitar.