Bruja (pronounced "Brew-Ha”), is a Delray Beach, Florida band that mixes elements of Rock, Funk, Blues to create a synergy of tight and punchy grooves that are guaranteed to get you moving. The lyrics speak of life lessons, personal growth and self discovery.

The band is led by Colombian born singer-songwriter, Jorge "Bruja" Zarruk. The English translation for "Bruja" is "Witch". The name originated as a nickname Jorge obtained while growing up a teenage surfer in El Salvador, where his family moved when he was an infant. 

Songs like "Tomorrow Never Comes", a Reggae-Rock fusion with Jerry Garcia influenced guitar work, or "Jack Daniel’s Blues", a gritty Blues Rock tune, are crowd favorites. 

Whether you like Blues, Rock, Reggae and/or Funk, the groove is tight, funky, and it makes you move your feet!

The band members are: 

Jorge "Bruja" Zarruk -Lead Vocal/Guitars/Harmonica

Jorge's a multicultural singer-songwriter and guitarist whose primary love for Blues guitar seeps into any genre he approaches, making for a fresh blend of Blues-Rock and Reggae fusions. Songs like Tomorrow Never Comes, glazed with Jerry Garcia influenced guitar work, shows more range than just the blues, while his baritone vocal style can go from breathy to a blues growl.

Tommy Rispoli- Bass

Tommy hails from the New York Rock and Metal scene. He reemerged in the Delray music scene and, within a short time, has performed and recorded with some of the best musicians in South Florida. You can clearly hear Tommy’s Funk, Rock and Fusion inspired grooves in songs like Check the Groove and Coming Down, two tracks in Bruja’s upcoming EP, which is set to be released in November of 2019. Whether Tommy’s recording, playing, or putting together an extracurricular project for the band, it is clear that his recitation, timing and tight grooves are the backbone of Bruja’s trademark rhythm section. 

Monique Chalk- Keys/Back Up Vocals 

Having studied Music at Juliard, Monique's vocals are powerful and soulful at the same time. Her vocal versatility allows her to cover all different genres of music as well as perfectly compliment Jorge's baritone vocals. 

Cory Ricardy - Drums/Percussion

Cory is an amazing force behind the drums. He is funky, versatile, very dynamic and perceptive, and just a natural talent, At 22, he's already a veteran in the local music circuit, and he also performs regularly with a number of talented local bands. He has also taught Drums at School of Rock, showing the new breed of musicians the way. 


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