Bruja Announces Album Release Show for November 1st at Crazy Uncle Mike’s Boca Raton

Bruja is set to present its upcoming EP, on Friday November 1st at Crazy Uncle Mike's, one of the prime destinations for live music in Palm Beach County.  

Jorge says, "We are excited to be releasing this upcoming EP. We've been working hard at it since February of this year, and we're in the process of finishing up the mixes to some of the songs. A couple of songs, we've already put the finishing touches on and we will be looking to release a first single soon. 

We chose to be pretty straight forward with our approach. It's an independent Rock n Roll record, we produced it ourselves, and financed it ourselves. We made the best with what we had and we're  proud of the finished product. I think it's an honest take on the band in terms of its musical diversity. We like to mix it up, and the EP reflects that. There are Rock, Reggae, Funk and Blues elements all tied in, and they seem to work together well and it's happened very naturally. I hope people will dig it. 

We've already been performing the songs live, and we've had great response from the audience. That's all you can ask for!" 

So remember the date is November 1st, 8pm. Crazy Uncle Mike's, 6450 M Federal HWY. Boca Raton. FL 

Stay tuned for news on when we will drop the first single, and make sure to follow us on social media. We sincerely appreciate your support! 


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